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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 Plus No LTE/GSM

I just repaired an iPhone that had the no service issue. Now it is working on Verizon and will only get 1x (before it was no service for everything). I can’t get it to connect to verizon LTE or T-Mobile at all. I know the board is good because it works with 1x on Verizon. What antenna would affect LTE performance?

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Don’t be too quick to assume the board is working. The iPhone 6 series has a well known design defect that causes Searching/No Service issues.

After you have eliminated antennae or network locks as the possible culprit, searching issues on the iPhone 6 are usually related to the baseband IC. The baseband IC is very sensitive, just like the Touch IC's on the 6 Plus; it also suffers from poor quality traces and pads.

 Go to your phone’s dialing keypad and dial *#06#. You should see the IMEI displayed.

If the IMEI is not displayed, the Baseband IC has to be reballed and two small copper traces (U1/V1) have to be rebuilt and solidified. This is commonly referred to as the “long jumper” solution. You can check out this answer (Service is "Searching" indefinitely) (by @teetopp) as it summarizes the issue really well.

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I know the baseband IC is working as I said it gets service and has an IMEI it just won’t get LTE or GSM.


I know about the baseband ic issues it’s not that. It’s related to water damage on the backside of the board. Cleaning and reflowing the RF transiver closest to the side of the board corrected no service no it’s just no LTE


The baseband "IC" is the baseband CPU, it regulates all of the radio signals (WiFi, BT, various cellular frequencies). It needs good power from the BBPMU and clean signals from the various RF IC's (WTR, WFR, ASM etc.). That whole subsection of the board has a design issue that causes abnormally high failure rates.

I agree that this may not be the issue but to brush it aside because you somehow "know" that the IC works is a good way to chase your tail for days when troubleshooting. Rule # 1 in troubleshooting: Never make assumptions - always test to confirm!


Well starting with the chips on the backside since that’s where the water damage is which ones would affect the LTE side of things.


And based on what I have right now it’s on a fresh iOS install no apps on it and in just a few hours it had a large amount of battery drain and when the screen is asleep it looses signal or becomes very weak until you wake the phone up. So it looks to me that the phone has a very weak signal either due to a damaged RF chip or antenna issue


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