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Repair guides and support for the iHome family, created in 2005. Combination docking station, speakers, radio and alarm devices by SDI Technologies

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External Battery K Cell stuck.

I have the iKN105 model and the battery is stuck. I've tried the pin hole button (even tried hammering a thin metal to see if it could push it out) but didn't work. I'm trying to take it apart and I got three screws. One under each foot and one where the lithium battery was. Only half of the back comes off but I can't figure out where other screws might be. I don't know if it's a pop off and i don't want to risk it unless I know.

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Instructions should be on page 20 of the manual. Here’s the download:

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Page twenty only talks about replacing the battery and not where to locate the other screws to open the back


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