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The Motorola Razr V3, also known as the Motorazr V3, was the first Razr released into the market in the third quarter of 2004.

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Motorola razr v3 wont boot strange message on screen

I have a razr v3 from 2004 whenever I Try fo boot it up I get a weird message is there any way I can fix this. Here is the message

Boot loader 08.26 SW VERSION R374_G_0E.41.C3R_B OK to program usb transfer mode phone code SIG 35:02:

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Thanks for your awnser, do you know where I could find the software to reflash the phone? Also if it helps I'm in canada and the phone was bought from Rogers in 2005. Rogers is the only network in canada that still has a 2g signal.


It's going to be very difficult. Unless you can find it on a forum that's been around since the Java OS era, it's going to be difficult to find the tools and file to flash. I'm not sure how SIM unlocking works if you have the international ROM, so get the Rogers ROM before you even consider flashing the international one to the phone if you want to get it done. You may even need a Windows XP system if the software doesn't work on a modern OS.

I don't think T-Mobile will continue to support 2G too much longer once 5G becomes more widespread.


Ok I'll try to find a Rogers rom if you happen find something please let me know


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I found a rom for it online. It's not a rogers rom but it will do. I flashed it and it works (kinda.) Anyway I'm happy I got this phone working again.

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This might sound odd, I am not a post-er so I may be asking the wrong questions. Could you send me list of any software, apps or anything else needed to reboot the v3- please include the “path” as well. I have some old phones and there really hasn’t been any issues. I do believe you could save me time and headaches if you kept good notes and can forward them. I am listed on xda website but I am nobody. So if I have said or asked for something I wasn’t supposed too, my apologies.


Can you provide links to the rom and how you installed it as i am still having trouble with mine and have not found a solution to getting it to work again.


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I had this happen on an imported V3i back in the day, it's an issue with SW corruption, and the phone has to be reflashed. The seller had to do it since I bought an international unlocked version due to US carrier BS (AT&T/Cingular blocked MP3 ringtones). I'm glad the days of importing phones to get an unlocked one are over, tbh; I don't miss having to pray the bands will work anymore since I can walk into an Apple store or Best Buy, give them cash and have my phone be truly mine.

That said it may not make economic sense to get the phone reflashed today depending on which version you have and if you can keep using it due to the legacy network shutdowns happening over time. For example, my Euro 3G V3i had 3G but Euro 3G version didn't support the US bands so the end came after the 2G shutdown for mine. The US phones only had it with the V3xx (which tended to be carrier locked only in the US unless you imported and AGAIN, the bands weren't a match).

Outside of T-Mobile (and even that will end), nobody has 2G service in the US. I suspect the flash ROM on your phone may have also failed since it didn’t happen right away and only happened after 14 years of use.

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