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The HP Pavilion g6-1b79dx is a 15.6” laptop with a pewter finish made in 2011. It has an integrated webcam and an Intel Core i3 processor.

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No operating system or damaged Mother Board

i removed the built-in monitor of the laptop because its broken. i connected it to an external monitor with VGA cable and im able to use it. after a few months it went BSOD i didnt see the error because it shutted down immediately. i cant see the BIOS eventhough it is connected to an external monitor. what i did is i extracted its HDD then plugged it in into another laptop and it prompted, “there are no boot device available”. if it has no OS, can i use the laptop to install a new OS? and transfer it back to my HP laptop?

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Yes you can do that make sure after installing OS while connecting to the older laptop you press f8 button several times until you receive boot menu or the system would be started in a healthy mode. IF boot into boot mode then check all the driver and possible errors for that at most of the times it reboot to normal mode without any interruption.

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how can i enter into boot mode of the older laptop if i cant see it? it doesnt prompt BIOS in the external monitor


on blank display press f10 to enter BIOS menu may be it take several attempts to get into BIOS then press F9 to restore defaults and after that change preferences for drive and check


how am i able to this if i cant see the BIOS in the external display??


If you are getting BIOS in the external display but you are not able to get it in the laptop facing problem with there must be some hardware error.


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