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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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How can I test the screen without disassembly?

**NOTE: I have an S6 Active. This is the closest device I can find.**

I got this phone fully knowing about this problem but I took a chance on it because the price was right (free) and I didn’t have to deal with a Google FRP lock. While I decided to try my luck with it, I lost and it happened to me… Sort of. I asked how it corrupted for the previous owner when I got the phone (which is reasonable so I know what to watch for) and the whole screen did it. In my case, it’s doing it in segments and intermittently for a few seconds.

As I use the phone during the day around the house as a PDA to test the screen, I’ve noticed the image distortion the previous owner talked about more then once after hours of use. I let it go as a software glitch the first time. However, it happened more then once so it’s a deeper issue. I’m not sure if it’s the display IC on the flex cable (requiring a new screen) or a board defect (The SoC is also highly suspect) so I’m wondering if there’s a way to test it without taking the phone apart AND without damage. In my case, I have no choice because Samsung added insult to injury by making it a destructive teardown >:(. I don’t want to remove the panel until I’m 110% CERTAIN it’s bad AND I have one to replace it with since I can’t get a pull because it’ll also get destroyed. What a horrible design flaw.

Is it even worth fixing this phone or should I hold it for parts and find another phone? It's horrible when the phone is warm.


It wasn't easy to get this photo as I had to use it until it glitched but I did it. This is what it does:

PS: I tried to treat the burn-in but the display glitched out. I didn’t have concerns about creating additional damage because it was already there but I stopped to keep it from getting to a point it’s permanently defective.

Block Image

Block Image

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Nick you can go to your key pad and press *#0*# This brings up test screen . Hope this helps

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you may find this helpful in the future for other tests


That will only work when it distorts and it usually goes away within seconds so I don't have time to run it unless it keeps happening at the time I see it.


I posted a photo of what it does. Hopefully it'll help.


Nick does the distortion line always show up in the same spot down the middle of the screen or does it move around. Ive had the similar type of screen glitching on a s5 and it was a result of dirt in the connector clip . just some lint that got into the connector when the screen was replaced . You can actually get it apart without breaking it with time and patients . The hard part is breaking the seal in the center of the screen . I use plastic playing cards and with constant reheating of the screen push the playing cards through from the sides . also start from the bottom where the buttons are the connector cables at the top on the right hand side


It moves around, but it sticks around near the top but tends to like that general area. It also loves the notification area as well and distorts the icons from time to time. Even if I can save the screen, this design is enough to put me off of the Active series altogether in the future unless I can get it for a price I can overlook the service design flaw they put in this thing. Horrible phone to work on.

It's a greviance I have with water resistant phones as a whole, but the S7 and up are repairable (albeit with PITA tape, but that's it). The early ones are just downright bad.

This is an intact phone and it's never had a screen replacement, so the screen is untouched nor compromised. I know this as an absolute fact but I'm also not doubting it isn't outright impossible that dust got there. I probably should have clarified this before.


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