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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Error 4014 when restoring

Hey everyone,

i have an ipad 4 wifi model here in for repair . The customer told me it wouldn’t boot up and it had a black screen. Anyways, it’s locked into DFU Mode . I try to restore the device, it goes to waiting for iPad on iTunes and than gives me error code 4014. 3utools gives me error such as unable to switch from dfu mode to recovery mode. Is this battery related or nand?

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Hey Dan. The first thing to try, now that you have the device open, is a known-good battery. If the device is old and it is the original battery, that would be a likely culprit. If a good battery doesn’t solve the problem, then you may have a charge port issue.

Of course, once those things are eliminated, you are left with a logic board issue. DO you happen to know the history of the device, such as if the device was dropped, came into contact with water ar was repaired by another sop just prior to the issue? That may give you another clue to help with the troubleshooting. Otherwise, you will need to probe the logic board and check if the main voltages or PMIC outputs are shorted to ground.

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