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Corsa D 2008, Very weak on First start of the day

My Corsa D is very weak on the first start of the morning (cold start) temperatures Arnt even that low 2-3 degrees its does pick up as the engine warms up but it never used to be like this. there’s no warning lights on the dashboard there is a lot of smoke but that’s normal. any answer is appreciated.

Edit :

What I mean by weak is in when driving of the first start in the morning the car is very sluggish and weak for a good half an our before it warms up

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Hi @lewbar123 ,

I'm wondering if you have a glow plug (one or more) problem.

One faulty glow plug usually means a hard start but with rough running and/or smoke being issued it could indicate possibly more than one is faulty (incomplete combustion)

In a lot of diesel engines the glow plugs are used for more than just starting the engine. They also assist in the ignition system to ensure reliable (complete?) combustion until the engine reaches the correct operating temperature.

Also a lot of smoke is not normal. At least I don't think so. I've been driving a diesel car for about 8 years now and never have had any noticeable smoke issues or even indications of smoke i.e. sooty areas around the end of the exhaust pipe.

Apologies if a Corsa D is not a diesel engine vehicle. The only info for a "D" that I could find was a 1.3L CDTi whereas you said a 1.0

If it is a petrol engine have you checked the condition of the spark plugs to see how "clean" they are or if their covered in a sooty residue?

Just a thought.


Thanks for that @jayeff Ill be sure to check these I just find it weird there isn't any starting issues its only once its running.


Hi @lewbar123 ,


Perhaps then you have an injector problem.

Are any of the 'symptoms" in the link applicable?


nope, its really weird honestly runs like a dream even on a cold start its just really really weak, joining the motorway via a slip road is almost dangerous.


Hi @lewbar123

Does it still "smoke" when warmed up?

This link or this link may also give you some ideas.


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Slow crank cold start is indicative of low cranking amps. The battery is likely nearing the end of it’s life. I would recommend having the battery tested.

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Sorry I mean once the engine is started apologies.


Oh I see. Does it run rough or misfire? or you just have low power?


Doesn't even run rough Just really low power completely flat there's no misfire or OBD codes. after half an hour or so its fine, its only 1.0 so I'm not in much of a position to lose power aha


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