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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Why does my Apple MacBook Pro not recognize replacement battery?

Just recv’d. it and I think my laptop is ‘possessed’. It does not seem to like this battery.

Here is what happened … had no problem taking the old one out (the original battery that came with the MBP).  Put the new one in, restarted the laptop. Made it past the POST test and booted up normally.

The new battery had 61% charge on it, so as instructed, I let it run on battery only, to attempt a full discharge. While I was using it, when the battery level got to 31% (I use Coconut Battery app), it all of a sudden completely just turned off, All the way off. I was checking email at the time.

So, I powered it back on and figured I need to charge it up. Well it got to 69% charged and seemed to be stuck there. And then, it went off again.

Now this time, right now, it shows that there is NO Battery Installed.

Totally running on the A/C power adapter.

Any ideas?

Did Apple put some software in my laptop that won’t let me replace the battery?

Update (12/12/2018)

Block Image

See attached image of Coconut Battery - this was when the unit was ‘working correctly’ - for a short time with the new battery. The one that is somewhat concerning is the 5800MaH vs the orig, design of 5770Mah. Would that be causing this issue of it shutting down?

Here is what I did … Pulled old battery out - Reset SMC (with NO battery plugged in), installed new battery. Powered unit up.

Seems to work for a couple of hours (charging normally), then automatically shuts the computer down. Tried it with charging cable plugged in and with unit running off battery. Does the same thing- powers completely off. After it shut down it gave me that NaN indication in Coconut Battery. (pic that I posted previously)

This is crazy ridiculous for just wanting to change a 4+ yr. old battery in a MacBook Pro that otherwise has been rock solid since day one.

Did Apple put some kind of BS code to prevent a normal human from simply swapping out the battery? ??? Any Ideas???

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First try resetting the SMC if you haven’t already. if you have no luck with this download and install coconut battery and post the information back here.

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@ajcooke01v2 Sorry didn't see that though would still be could to see the info from it


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Here is what Coconut Battery shows for my ‘old’ battery.

Block Image

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