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The BLU Vivo XL was released in January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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BLU vivo XL3 plus touch screen not working and need replacing?

I have a BLU Vivo XL3 plus that I, sadly, dropped in water.

However, it is turning on and charging after two days of not using it and drying out, even putting in in a vacuum sealed bag to try and save it.

The screen is NOT responding to my touch, and I suspect it is from the water damage. I bought my phone and it doesn’t have any warranty… I have called to see if any shop can replace the screen for me and it’s either ridiculously expensive or they don’t know anything about my phone. I have searched the web on how to do it myself, since I am seriously scared to mess up on replacing the screen.

Any advice??

When I turn my phone on and off there is still a magenta tinge on my phone, also. If that is bad please let me know.


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Water damage is probably the worse enemy to a phone. It’s best to open the phone up if possible to air it out. The rice trick and sealed bags won’t do anything to the inside. Corrosion sets in and it becomes very hard to clean,and components get damaged permanently.

In in this case,the screen just may be bad. The magenta tint is a sign of the lcd getting wet and corroding the flex cable connection or the lcd itself(both I’m sure). My moms iPhone was water damaged. She opened it up and let it dry. Her screen was blurry,and it would fluctuate between that and being clear. Replacing it solved that problem(hopefully for you too).

Now honestly,the brand blu is pretty cheap. So the cost of repair would be crazy. Did you pay around $300-400 for it,and it’s older? I’m sure repair places charge over $100 for the repair easily. With water damage you never know. As you use it over time,it can start to malfunction. Corrosion gets worse if not taken care of. Components can become loose and even fall off. (I’m not saying lots of components would fall off,but some will surely malfunction). Your best bet would be to replace the screen yourself,or if you know a friend or family member that has some talent for electronics,ask them to help. It’s tedious,but not way too hard if you watch YouTube videos,and take it step by step,and watch the videos as you repair the phone too.

If if you go the route of replacing the screen yourself,watch YouTube videos on it multiple times before you attempt the repair! It can be confusing the first time you replace a screen. I can try to help you find a screen and videos if you’d like.

Unless you happen to find a place to replace the screen at a cheap price(maybe if you have your own screen you buy online)…but most shops wouldn’t do that.

Let me me know if you want me to try to help a bit. I’m fairly knowledgeable in this area. I can try to find the best screen and tutorial . I’d be glad to try to help. I don’t have anything else going on tonight.

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Hi! Thank you so much for answering me. I have tried to look around the web for tutorials on how to open my phone up...and no such luck. I have never replaced a screen before and, looked at a few places, the cost of repairing my phone is about how much I paid for it. You're right, I got it for about $200.

My phone is a BLU XL3 PLUS...

And I was thinking of just getting another cheap phone...I couldn't even find the screen for my current one.


Ok. I’ll look Around for you. No problem :)


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I would say that youll need to replace your LCD and your touch digitizer doesnt sound like theres any damage to your charge port or circut board

try that fix and see how it works out

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Did this ever get fixed? I have a Blu vivo xl3 a

Block Image

and dropped in puddle of water. It was fine at first and I don't see that it opens ANYWHERE to dry it out. Tried rice for a couple days and it turns on and off registers my fingerprint but the screen is just green white and grey vertical lines. Am I out of luck?? Any help would be appreciated!!

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