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Model k52t38 (also known as the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)—an Android smartphone with a 5.5" display, first released in 2016. Available in Champagne Gold and Platinum Silver.

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battery -30C cant charge it

somehow water (i dont even know how) got into the inside of the phone and there were some droplets on the battery. and now i cant charge the phone because it says the battery is too cold, everything else works but i just cant charge the phone. i installed an app and it shows that the battery has -30C temperature and everytime i plug in the charger the diod is red and the warning shows up. how do i fix that? or how do i disable this safety mechanism in the phone so it wont pay attention to my battery temperature

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The battery has a thermal resistor in it that is used to prevent charging a too-cold or too-hot battery. Most likely, the water seeped into the shell and has damaged/shorted the probe. It is possible that the phone’s charger circuit is damaged, but less likely. The battery charging circuit needs the temp to prevent exploding the battery, so disabling it is unwise. You might be better off just replacing the battery. You can try the bag of rice for 48 hours to suck more moisture out.

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