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This instant film camera, also known as the Neo Classic, was released by Fujifilm in Fall 2013 under the model number 16404571. It is silver, and comes with the choice of black or brown accents.

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How can I get my camera to turn on?

So my camera is locked with the lens out. It refuses to turn on. I tried new batteries, recharged batteries, the camera shows that the battery is working but won’t turn on. How can I rebut or force a turn on or the lens back inside?

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Guys, badly needed your help!!! We bought a brand new Mini 90 i charged it full (green) then when i insert the battery to the camera it works a few minutes then it turned off letting the lens popped out, now i can’t turn it OFF/ON the battery isn’t working either like nothing flashed on the screen. Help guys!!! What can be the problem?


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1) You don’’t. If you force camera’s lens to go inside manually, you’ll damage lens motor, that’s something you do not want to do.

2) That might sound cheesy, but try to find someone with programmator, who can reflash relevant stuff in your camera… That’s what I would do, at least. Since your camera can fully detect a battery (assuming it’s not faulty, see pt. 3) it might be that something is wrong with EEPROM or software…

3) If battery can not output enough current, but gives the right voltage, that can also be an issue, since devices rely on voltage to measure battery charge. But if there’s not enough current, it might not boot. Just like Canon Speedlite 430EX II that requires Alkaline batteries in order to start (non-alkaline batteries output only small amount of current, so flashlight won’t even turn on). I suggest trying different batteries that suit your camera (original batteries are not mandatory, but they would be better for checking such thing).

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