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Repair information, service help, and troubleshooting/diagnostics guides for Bosch refrigerators.

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Remove Dispenser from Freezer Door on Bosch Refrigerator B20CS80SNS

The water line broke near the hinge in the Freezer door and I need to replace. I removed the face plate of the dispenser, removed the circuit panel, removed plastic cover , removed the 12 screws around the dispenser unit. However the unit will not come out it appears to be still attached somehow. I can’t find any more screws that need to be removed.

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My line broke right under the freezer door where it curves. I tried to pull it out to put a connector on, but it broke off. I wound up getting an elbow from Home Depot where one end was able to be pushed into the water line. The elbow had a connector which I was able to use some tubing to connect to the main water line, but I had to add a reducer connector to the main water line to make it work.

Now my flab in the ice chute is broken and I am trying to get the façade off. I did find one little slot on the bottom left and i used a small screw driver and have the left bottom side off. Going back to get the whole thing off - hope its not too hard.

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