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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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3Ds Battery charges for a few minutes then stops

I have a Nintendo 3DS that will charge for a few minutes and then stops. The battery is new (actually i’ve tried 2 different batteries) and I’ve tried 3 different charges that work fine. I have several 3DS systems that all charge fine with these chargers, so I feel I can safely rule out a faulty charger.

I have been able to put a charge to the battery by “stack charging” it. (Plug it in, charge, light goes out, unplug, plug back in……repeat, but who wants to do that!)

I am not sure what is causing it, and would like to see if any of you have experienced this kind of charging problem.

I thought possibly, overheating of the charge circuit? Bad component? (Although I tested the motherboard and did a visual inspection, nothing was found.) It would help if I could find some schematics. Fat chance though, right?

So much fun we’re having.


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Fixed. I replaced the charge port and did a hard reset. Seems to work fine now.

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