Is it normal to have dust in the microscope lenses?

Hi. I got an amscope se400-z. It’s a pretty sweet microscope. Jessa Jones(awesome iPhone fixer/solder pro) uses that brand too. The only issue is in my 10x lenses,there is dust inside the actual lenses. To be clear,it’s not on the outside on either side(the part your eye goes on and the opposite end that you can see when you take the eyepiece out of the scope). I can see a few big pieces. In the right lens there’s a noticible blackish looking line(either a scratch or debris). Taking the lenses out of the scope,I could easily see the dust through them. The right one is the worst of the 2. I don’t notice it as much when I solder,as the green circuit boards help the spots to blend in some,but I can still see it.

Is this normal? Has anyone taken the lense apart and cleaned it? I don’t want to break it,or get more dust inside. The fact both lenses have dust makes me wonder…..

thanks to those who help!!! :)

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Is it really dust? I suspect it could be fungus, but taking out I guess need to work out at a clean room.


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