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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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My phone only charges when turned off


Up until recently my phone has been working fine, charging normally and my usb stick worked in it (it has usb one end and mini-usb the other, it used to work perfectly for transferring data from computer to phone etc) without issue. Recently the usb stick stopped showing up when I put it in, and so I thought maybe there was a build up of lint in the charging port, I tried to clean it out but all I could find to do it was a little pin (metal). Since then whenever I charge my phone nothing happens (I’ve tried various working chargers and cables) until I turn my phone off and then later back on its obvious its charged. I’ve looked a fair bit online and I think I have to replace the charging port, I just wanted to check with you guys before I try and open my phone, something I’m quite a beginner at.

It's worth noting that my girlfriend has a samsung too, and my usb stick, and all the chargers and cables work in her phone.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you are headed in the right direction. However, let’s try a hard reset to rule out any software issues.

Voer een harde reset uit bij je Samsung Galaxy A5

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