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The Xiaomi Air 12, released August 2016, comes in both silver and gold colors and is identified by model number 161201.

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Where is charge controller?


One day my laptop stopped powering on.

Xiaomi official repair told me that problem is burned charge controller, it’s typical problem for that family, they don’t know which chip to replace and can only replace whole motherboard but it will cost almost same as new laptop.

Any chance to fix just charge controller ?

Attaching photo of motherboard, could anyone told me where is power controller chip ?

Motherboard rev R10-6050A2789401-MB-A01.

I found only MXIC 25L512e (seems like BIOS) and SIC831 (what is it?) chips on it.

Is needed chip under metalic cover ?

Block Image

Other PCB images:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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My Air 12 developed the same issue recently. It was left connected to the charger while it went in sleep mode. When I powered it on, it appeared as through it had gone through a hard boot (instead of a wake). The battery wouldn't charge since.


Sorry, this suggestion didn't work in my case. Like the OP, I wonder if there is any information on replacing the USB-C PD charging module on the motherboard.


Hi i have xiaomi mi air 13 2017 but don't charge. I have trie with Lenovo and aplle charger but don't charge. I have instaled new battery, laptop start Windows 10 fun but don't charge. I suspicius that there is a system that lock laptop chage (to save laptop?). If it's true i wish to know method to unlock ( Upgrade bios? ...). When i charge led is unable.

I will happy if somepeople help me.

Regards and sorry my horrible english...


U60000 chip (bq24780s) between keyboard connector and wifi card


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Disconnect all the four pins marked in the red circle carefully disconnect the power supply wait for 60 seconds if possible press and hold power button with pins removed and no supply for 60 seconds.

Connect the pins care fully and check your charging has been resumed.

Block Image

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