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Model A1271 / 2 or 4 GB capacity

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Won't charge up at all

I have a 3rd gen shuffle, and it won't charge. Does it need a new battery,,,or is there another problem that I'm not "seeing"? I've already replaced it, but was wondering if a new battery might get the thing up and charging again. Any input?


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when you say you already replaced it, what are you referring to? The battery?


I replaced the shuffle with a new one because I needed it - but if the old one, has a chance at a new life, I just want to give it a try - as I'm sure that anybody would - why let it sit around if it may need a battery? Right?


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I would think that a new battery night be a great start. It is easily possible that the battery is at the end of its lifespan. Give it a try by following this Guide. Just remember it is not an easy task, but definitely doable. Good Luck.

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can i charge my ipod 3rd generation with my computer

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