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Repair and disassembly guides for the Jura (Capresso) Impressa J5 coffee maker.

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Milk Frother not producing steam or water

When I press steam or water button, steam or water squirts once but the rest of the water gets collected in the tray below. Coffee maker side is working without a problem.

I have even removed the frother assembly from silver pipe but same result.

Please suggest what is the problem.

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same exact problem with a C9. I have previously rebuilt the brew group and replaced all the o-rings in the unit. coffee brewing works perfectly.

when you hit the milk froth button with a milk dispenser connected and frothing knob at 12 O clock position, it shoots some steam and water in the cup for a a couple of seconds and then stops. you can still hear the pump going and see steam coming out of the center of the machine. Opening the machine up shows that while frothing hot water is flowing to the brew group instead of the frother output. I have already tried replacing the steam (thermoblock output) valve - it had no effect at all

I have already tried replacing the steam valve.


took some digging, but for my problem this german jura forum (, link in next comment) describes the exact same issue. there is a steam solenoid valve and a thermoblock outlet valve. when you describe the problem to folks they point to the outlet valve as the likely problem. makes sense, since steam is coming out of the brew group area instead of the frother right?

Well I replaced that outlet valve and no joy.


You have to remember the steam is under pressure. what if a valve that is supposed to open to let steam out does not open (or does not stay open long enough)? pressure will build up after a few seconds, forcing the outlet valve open. You WANT THIS to happen if the steam valve is stuck closed or closes early! it will keep the machine safe and also prevent leaks from the machine.

So bottom line I have ordered a Jura steam solenoid valve. Will post back and let you all know how it goes.

here's the german website, in english through google translate


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Did you replace this solenoid valve? Or this one behind the front panel?

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oh my goodness!! I missed your reply. yes the first link you shared is exactly the part I ordered, except 110V for USA. My model Impressa does not have the steam/hot water knob that 2nd part is for.

Wow the 220V version on your site is much less expensive


I am curious to know if it helps. By the way: if the 110 V coil is still good (not an infinite number of ohms), you can simply swap the coils and keep the body. There ist an even cheaper 3rd party solenoid valve. Also think of the ceramic valve and overhauling the outlet valve (which is pretty straitforward Melitta Caffeo Solo Auslassventil revidieren, shown here for a Melitta)


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Link to ceramic valve

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CONFIRMED. Steam solenoid valve was the problem. Please note that the replacement Jura part for USA must be the 120V version, not the 230V version used in Europe. They are unfortunately more than twice the price from what @vauweh shared with us in his posts, and as of Jan 2021 both and are out of stock.

Here is the USA part I used for my C9, but it’s designed for C, F, S and X machines


Parts Guru:

Parts Guru also has a conversion kit for older S machines, which lets you use this valve instead of the original, which is apparently no longer available

would be great to find a DIY approach here. good luck!!

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