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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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Ipad asks two-factor verification every 5 secon after change password.

Hi Dear ,

I have an ipad 4, today Iphone 8 plus asked me to change my password , reason ;your password is too old i, well ı changed my password.

I came home this evening and my tablet asked me two code verification code constantly, when i am writing my password, it says verification again.

And this is loop.

Please help me ,

Thanks and kind regards.

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The two-factor authentication code is usually either received via the same Apple ID / iCloud email address, linked phone number or as a notification displayed on another device that is signed into the same Apple ID / iCloud account.

If it’s stuck in a loop I recommend checking that the date and time on the devices are correct, connected to a Wi-Fi network and the devices up to date to latest iOS version.

Last resort sign out of the apple ID / iCloud on the device then sign back in or just turn off two factor authentication altogether, to be honest it’s too much hassle to use and I wished it was less intrusive compared to Google.

iPad 4 runs on 10.3.3 max and iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 12.0.1 at the moment.

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Well now ı almost tried what you said , my time isn’t correct with auto time , ı set it to auto time and date but nothing solved :(

My iphone is latest version thx .My Ipad 4 runs now Ios 7…. ( ı forgot now sory)

I thınk ı can back up my photos to pc and delete all ıpad .

Now ı gonna try that , it can be a perfect .


I reset my Ipad 4 but nothıng changed , please gıve your ıdea .


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