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Animatronic plush doll that should sing and dance.

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pictures of the printed circuit board

hello, when the toy was dismantled, some wires cut at the level of the pcb. Does anyone have any pictures to show how to solder the cables properly? The yellow cable starts from the PCB and goes to the motor, but I also have a red cable and a black cable that have cut at both ends. Thank you for your help

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Hi Paul, suggest you take pictures pls and share to us


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Hi thank you for your answer. Please find 3 pictures.

There are 4 cutted wires:

  • 1 black coming from the DC supply
  • 1 red coming from the DC supply
  • 1 yellow (one extremity was solded like on the picture)
  • 1 white (one extremity still solded to the PCB)

Thanks a lot for your help

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