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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Cleaning loca glue from a smartphone speaker?

I tried to adhere a glass screen protector to my Samsung S9+ and made a mess of the loca glue. The glue got into the top speaker grill and I tried to clean it out with denatured alcohol / methylated spirits.

Unfortunately, right now the speaker sounds crackly. I’m thinking the denatured alcohol got inside plus the partially dissolved loca glue.

So what are my options? Can I fix the speaker by bathing it in more methylated spirits or buying some electronics contacts cleaner?

Or do I have to open the entire phone, losing the waterproofness in the process, and replace the entire speaker?

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my phone got uv glue in the speakers and 2 days after my screen stopped working

when i asked a technition they said the display got damaged due to the reason above

is this true pls tell


i have a Huawei p30 pro which had the same problem

i had difficulties to find isopropyl alcohol and switch to a mix of different kind of denatured alcohol @ 90° used to clean instruments which contains some isopropyl (the best being 100% isopropyl)

i could find a small syringe and inject ~10 times the whole load slowly while music with deep basses @100%, inside the speaker, the phone being tilted 45° over a bowl, so that the excess alcohol goes back without passing on the top of the phone into a bowl below.

worked fine for me

NB : the Huawei P30 pro is a waterproof phone, that might be important to know. Maybe for non-waterproof phones it is important to use only 100% isorpropyl alcohol


@Ahmed Nasym same happen with me that was not due to glue in speaker actually glue goes from sides of the panel and damage the screen circuts. I have replaced it with a new screen :( the glue have really thin particals that goes into the circut. Next time make sure to use tape on all sides of the screen to apply UV protector.


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Sounds like you have damaged the speaker and it will need to be replaced.

Cleaners can clear the mesh but they will also leak into the speaker itself.

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I had to install curved tempered glass in my Vivo X70 Pro mobile and the glue in it went to the side volume buttons of my mobile and now my mobile volume buttons are not working they got stuck tell me how to remove glue ???


Hathora maar kheechke uspe or fir apni sir pe mar, tujhse bola kisne tha VIVO ka curved phone lene ko ..

Meri tarah ban , dekh maine to one plus 7 pro liya , or usme bhi ye hi issue hua..


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With isopropyl alcohol, a syringe and a small paintbrush you can do the trick.

Just squirt some alcohol onto the speaker so it penetrates the speaker. Put on some loud music and let it play while adding more alcohol.

Repeat this for like 10 times and in the meantime gently tap the speaker grill with the brush so the small hairs get inside the speaker and loosen the glue sticking to the grill.

After like 10 minutes hold your phone firmly with the screen downwards and tap it against your other hand so the isopropyl with the dissolved loca can come out.

Repeat this until the crackling is gone.

Did it twice this way on my s9 plus and works fine.

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Would this be the same procedure on an S10 plus?


I did the same with Acetone and tooth brush took me 5 minutes to fix and the speaker works like new!


You are a life saver! I got glue in a week old galaxy s20 and about had a heart attack when I made a call and the sound was muffled and crackly. I used acetone and a paintpbrush and was able to get it all clean. Thanks so much for your help!


I created an account just to let anyone reading know that I encountered the same problem- and this solution fixed it! Thank you so much sir or ma'am- this worked like a charm! I shall send good vibes and prayers your way.

Also, in case you don't have a paintbrush; a clean, densely bristled make up brush works just as well- i used precision tweezers (for eyebrows haha) to remove the excess on top, then used this proceeded to do this. Amazing. Easy. Cheap- it didn't even take a lot of time- i was done in minutes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I, too, created this account to thank jpvandenbosch. It really worked! It took me more than 10 minutes. Just gonna be patience.

Thanks again! :)


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I had the same problem with my S9 plus. Wanted to fix screen protector and some of the glue got inside my speaker. Sounds started to crack. Yesterday, I used perfume and tooth brush to clean it. Luckily it worked. Now it works fine.

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I had the same problem. What I did was, added some baby cologne on the grille of the earpiece, let it soak for like 10 seconds, then gently brushed it with a toothbrush. After that, the crackling was completely gone!!!

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Please don’t take any risk first you conform with Service Center how expensive your smartphone part then you do any Experiment!

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