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Een elektronische voeding is een elektronisch hulpmiddel dat wordt gebruikt om elektrische stroom en spanning te leveren aan een bepaald type elektrische belasting.

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Voltage spikes to double the limit

I have a cheap adjustable power supply, qw-305d.

When you power it up it goes super sayian, jumping to 62.8v. Then creeps to 0.

No signs of blown capacitors, potentiometers read the correct value, except one reads 10.76 when its a 10k. Fuses are good.

What am I over looking?

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What is the make of the power supply? I assume qw-305d is the model number.

If it came with a user manual does it describe how to calibrate the device?


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This is a beige box 30v/5A DCPS that is rebranded by dozens of companies. It’s a low quality DCPS and I certainly wouldn’t power it up with a load connected. It is quite possible that the spiking is a design feature ;>)

Check the EEVBlog Forum and search for 305 Power Supply, you’ll find lots of threads on these units.

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No load when powering on. It is a rebranded many on ebay. Thanks for the



Unfortunately, nothing on this issue from any post. I'm getting it maybe the sense, no clue what that is or where locate let alone fix or test.

Was given this unit as a gift. While a cheap product, I'd like to get it going again. Repairing or even upgrading the unit itself. I have all components I see in the unit, some higher rated. Any idea where I could look for something like that? Sorry new you online forums, usually just Google and be done


If you're looking for help to do board-level repairs on the power supply, you'll have more luck on the EEVBlog Forum than here. I do board level work on mobile devices but I don't have the same level of experience with power supply designs.

My understanding of this issue is that it is inherent to the design. I have a similar 1830 model and these are low-cost Chinese designs so we shouldn't expect lab-grade performance. If you wanted to play around with anything, I would look at the output caps and line filtering as it is clearly insufficient to tame the large spikes on power-up.


I didn't expect it to perform lab grade either, I had it 3 days. Tested 3 phones, Max of 5v. Turned it on one morning and it jumped to double and nothing was connected and now I get nothing from the thing lol. Idk I'll just get a new one and switch casings.


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