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I broke a flat cable socket. How can I fix it?


I onestly made a mess. I was trying to replace my touchpas we I broken the socket for the flat cable. In two different way.

First one the black blocker that blocks the cable went off and I'm not able to replug it.

Second one a upper pin is gone.

The situation is better described by this pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

There is some hope I can still use this connector?

If yes how?

If not how can I fix it? ( It is connected to the mother board of my laptop)

Thank you for everything

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Who’s logic board is this make and model of the system would help. Often times pins are snapped off for indexing of the cable. Look at the cable end to see if the mate hole has a plastic wedge blocking anything to enter. If it does the that’s the index!


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If your laptop’s motherboard has bent or broken pins, see the Motherboard Has a Bent or Broken Pin problem page for information and tips.

Such connectors can easily be broken and are not design for many insertion. I think you should bring your mother to a board repair shop. It is not very difficult for a trained people.

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