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AT&T Corded Answering System with speaker phone, audio assist, digital backlit display, and caller ID/call waiting.

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Can't respond with keys to messages left

When I’m left a message & need to respond with an answer (#1, #2, etc.) it doesn’t “take” though I can dial a phone number on key pad without a problem. I don’t have a manual.

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Not quite sure what you mean.

Are you referring to messages left on the answering system in the phone or voicemail messages left in the phone service provider’s voice mailbox for your phone service (if you have this setup)?

If it is a voicemail message, who is your phone service provider?

If it is a message on the phone’s answering system, here’s a link to the User manual for the phone.

Scroll to p.40 to view the procedures to use with the answering system in the phone.

It doesn’t mention anything about pressing key # 1 or # 2 etc to respond to a message being reviewed.

There is an option however to call back the person who left the message if this is what you mean.

To do this:

Press MENU/SELECT to stop playback. The screen shows Call back?, then press MENU/SELECT to call back the caller if the caller’s number is available. Or press CANCEL to resume playing message from beginning.

Note: The caller’s number should be shown in the display panel. If it is not there, (perhaps because it wasn’t sent forward by the caller) then you cannot call the number back as it is unknown.

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