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The Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck manufactured in the United States by Toyota.

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Toyota Tundra 2005 ext bed car shakes/rattles when accelerating

My vehicle tends to shake when accelerating at certain points. When hitting 20 mph the car tends to shake then when I accelerate or let go of the pedal it stops and doesn’t occur again. Same happens when I hit close to 30-40mph. I brought it to a dealer to see what codes appear, according to them nothing pops up. If feels like when the gear switch during accelerating speeds it starts to shake. What could be wrong with the car?

Update: Issue turns out to be with transmission. Need to be cleaned out and inspect for clogging. Otherwise, the transmission will need to be replaced in the vehicle.

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U might have a bad shaft bearing....if ur taking the time to change it u might as well do the u joint's also.


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Hey, Juax. Your problem could be worn u-joints. If you can, crawl up under the truck and try to move the driveshaft around with your hands, if you feel excessive end play your u-joints, or if applicable, hanger bearing could be worn out. Other possible causes of vibration are your tires being out of balance, sticking brake calipers, and worn suspension components. The fact that it stops after you let off the accelerator makes me suspect the u-joints, however. You also said it feels similar to hard shifts and occurs at different speeds. I would also suggest you check your transmission fluid and make sure it’s not low. I hope this helps, good luck!

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Yeah. I got the tires and the brakes checked out (replaced because it needed it anyways). That did not seem to correct the issue. I know the two tires in the rear are in need of replacement, but I highly doubt that would be the case. I would have to get a true mechanic to take a gander because I'm not the best person for this.


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Could be a misfire due to spark or fuel injector

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I have an 06 4.7 v8 dc. It has exactly the same symptoms.

Taking it to the dealer tomorrow.

I have new balance tires and I just replaced the all the plugs. And ran cleaner threw the fuel system. Also just had breaks and rotors. I got the top dollar parts not cheap because my mechanic is moving soon and I'll be losing his great pricing

Stil vibrates Same ros and rpms exactly as you described not every time but it does do it. I was starting to wonder if it was the transmission. I am afraid it this confirms I'm right.

I'm going to the dealer tomorrow.

How much did it cost to have it cleaned out?

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