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My portable battery pack smells like copper, can I continue using it?

I have a Powersource Mobile Mini, I got it as a gift years ago from a techie who said he got a bunch of them cheap due to a defect so it has me a little worried now that is has started smelling like copper. I would be worried regardless, they are quite large batteries and it’s years old. It’s highly reliable and takes forever to die though, but if this thing explodes or leaks it’s big enough to do some damage. What should I do? I assume the fumes are bad too.

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In this case it would probably be best to get rid of the of the battery as there’s most likely a temperature issue with the battery as not many batteries are copper based but lithium based which does have a tendency to explode and get drained with constant recharging from years of use. Based on what you said something is causing the internal temperature to rise causing the contacts to smolder. I would highly recommend either getting a new battery pack

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I would stop using this as soon as possible because I have had a similar situation where my backup battery was leaking and it smelled metallic. Probably best to take it to a hazardous waste disposal site and get a new backup battery.

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No. The copper smell is the indication that the battery is getting heated over the threshold limit. Thus, there are chances that the battery may explode or get heat up to a very high extent.

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