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A USB gaming headset providing a complete 7.1 surround sound gaming experience.

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Best way to replace the cable?

Hi! The last 2-3 pairs of these headphones I always have the same issue. A broken wire. From cats, from yanks, to many things. I am finally changing to a pair of wireless headphones from Steelseries but I wanna still try to fix these as a backup (Or if I think I did a good enough job maybe even resell) The first 2-3 inches of wire coming from the headset itself is where the broken wire is. So I can’t simply splice and repair as I think the entire wire is loose from the board. But I can’t seem to open the area where the wire is hiding. Any ideas? Google is not giving me any answers.

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There’s a fair number of headphone repair guides at Headphone

I suggest you trawl through them for ideas. There can’t be that many ways headphones are put together.

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Philip Le Riche  that’s just great… A link that leads ultimately leads right back to this exact page. Bravo.

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