What is the problem with my 2011 Vespa GTV 300 ie

Shipped a 2011 well maintained GTV 300ie from Finland to Italy. Was going to drive it to Naples from Florence. Drove 100 km and after refueling couldnt get to start. I waited about an hour, it restarted and died after riding about 2 km on the highway. Had it towed to repair shop. Told them all the issues. They said it was the ECU and replaced that at 650 euro. After coming back to pick up and drive down to Naples same thing after riding about 150 km and refueling. Called and had towed again. This time had read about the fuel pump issue and told the shop to check that. After checking, they said it wasn’t the fuel pump and the same thing happened to them after it warmed up. They said it was the coil. We rented a van and hauled it to Naples where we live. Took it shop, told them all the issues. They replaced the coil, spark plug and wire, the fuel pump. Seemed to run fine, rode it 50 km on windy cobblestone roads and back home with no problem. The next day headed in a different direction in 30 degree celcius weather and after 10 km it started to lose power, it died after I turned to come home and hit the throttle. It would not restart. I waited 45 minutes, it started and I drove home as fast as I could. Seems to me to be an overheating issue, Unfortunately this model does not have a temp guage. Could it be a thermostat??? The coolant level is full and it is clear. The oil looks clear as well. Any ideas what to do???

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