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The Honda City is a subcompact or compact car produced by Honda, a Japanese automaker, since 1981. Between 1981 and 1994, the City was a subcompact car, but beginning in 1996, it was considered a compact vehicle.

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City 2016 Not starting

Hello Members,

I have Honda City 2016 Model, my car is not getting start.

I mean it is not picking the ignition.

Can you guide me ?


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I have the same problem with my hondacity keyless ignition. Honda change the ignition botton for 9k and after 6 montha the problem came back. And now they said its the starter and its 35k fee. The problem of my car is sometimes when you push the ignition botton its just clicking its does not start but after a few mins when you push again the starter botton it stiart the engine. Batteries are new. Now it takes longger to atart. Hope someone could help. I dont trust the honda service any more. Been there 3x and it just cost me money and the peoblem remain.


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Please check the battery.

You should bring your car to the repair garage

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