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The Nokia 6 became globally available, along with the new Nokia 6 Arte Black Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal special edition models in January 2017. The Nokia 6 includes model numbers TA-1021, TA-1033, TA-1000, TA-1003, TA-1025, and TA-1039.

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sims card is not working

hey i need help with my sims card is not working

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Have you tried the SIM card in another known working, compatible network phone to prove whether it works there?

Have you tried another SIM card from a known, working, network compatible phone in your phone, to prove that it still works there?

Basically swap the SIM cards between two network compatible phones and check what works where. Either your SIM card is faulty or perhaps there is a problem with your phone.


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Do you know if it a new card that was never formatted? If a Sim card was formatted to internal storage to another device it will only work with that device

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Hi @antp37 ,

I think the OP was asking about a SIM card not a SD card.


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