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The first generation of the executive car by Volvo known as the S80.

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Car cuts off, abs and check engine light on.

Hi I have a 2000 Volvo s70 and recently I noticed that my check engine, service light and abs light are all on. The lights randomly go on and off, but when they do come on while driving, you can feel a drastic change or a shake in the engine. After they come on, i am still able to drive for a bit until my rpms suddenly starts to go up and down extremely fast, car starts to jerk and stumble while the check engine light, service light abd abs lights go on and of extremely fast then the car turns off. But crazy thing is, i can turn it back on abd the car will drive fine until it happens again. Any answers? I really need help. Could it be the throttle body?

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Hi @justinsway ,

Get the OBDII port, found in the centre console under a marked plastic lid, scanned with an appropriate scantool to see what error codes are being generated.

This is the best way to find out what is going on with the engine


Alright ill definitely check that!


You could also take it to AutoZone. They'll do something like jayeff suggested. They can at least give a hint. Truthfully it could be a few different things. Could be major or simple. The best thing to do is take it to a shop who makes the car or a shop yo trust. Some will do free estimates at least allowing you to know what's wrong. I'm more worried about your safety. Like if it could catch fire or break down on a freeway


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It could be a few different things going in at the same time. Could be a belt as well as the alternator or battery. I wouldn't keep trying to drive it if it's doing that. You could damage it worse or cause more serious problems. Could catch fire as well. You should take it somewhere pronto!

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The belts or alternator can cause all of those lights to come on? And i do hear some squealing when pressing and letting off of the gas but i feel that it’s something more major than that going with my car, ill get the belts replaced though


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