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Model A1225 / Early 2009 / 2.66, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Can I replace an E8135 with a T9900?

can I replace an E8135 with a T9900?

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My bad. I believe the T9900 and the E8435 are similar if not identical. The E8435 is the 3.06 Ghz CPU upgrade in that 24" 9.1 iMac.


Big difference! Yes, you can use it in your system, I was worried!


Oh, thank you. I knew you’d come to your senses haha. I’m recently retired and have been wanting to get into computers for some time,and now that I have time, I want to learn from doing, and hopefully learn to code also. I’ve been in electronics since 1978, so I’m not completely ignorant, but mostly. Any known issues with Intel 320 series ssd’s, and the Nvidia MCP79 AHCI controller? I hear this controller is finicky. Thanks, any advise is so appreciated. I found an Intel E8435 on Ebay for $24. So the combo should give this ole’ guy some life. I’ve been told that the 9.1 could take 16g DDDR3. Is that bad info, because I’ve heard it a half dozen times?


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The E8135 is a custom CPU for Apple so there is no data sheet for it.

Here’s the other CPU: Core 2 Duo Processor T9900

Apple never offered a T9900 CPU in any of their systems so its likely the systems BIOS won’t support it. The T series on the most part are older CPU designs (the ones Apple used). So it wouldn’t make much sense.

Why are you doing this?

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@danj -

I saw it on a youtube video, where the guy did sucessfully replace the E8135 with a T9900. Here is a link to his experience and the benchmarks. 57% Cinebench CPU performance improvement, and 400-500% read/write for the ssd.

I edit music and video, and this thing is SLOOOOOW. lol. Now safari is crawling too. I have 8G of DDR3 and I was told by many that it can take 16G, but when I tried it with the exact specs, PC8500, 1066Mz, 204 SODIMM, I get the 3 beeps. What’s up with that? It is TimeTech labelled, but made by Samsung.

We both know what a pain it is to open this up, so I want to switch Bluetooth, wifi and , make a fusion drive from the 2T seagate 7200 Spinner and the Intel SSD, SATA II. The T9900 would be the last icing if you will. Can’t the BIOS be changed or adjusted if needed? Appears he didn’t need to adjust it.


I'm not sure you're going to get enough performance improvement replacing the CPU. The number of threads has a big bearing on processing music and videos. It depends on how many tracks/segments you have open and the length of your track/vid you are working with. Simple & short home vids using 720 you'll be OK, anything more will be pushing you luck.


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