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The HTC U Ultra is also known as the HTC Ocean Note and was released in February 2017. HTC U Ultra includes models U Ultra, U-1u, and 2PZF1 and was released in black, pink, white, and blue body colors.

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Why did my phone fail to power on completely?

my phone has suddenly turned off and i fail turning it on again

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I have the same problem, suddenly it turns off and tried many times to power on but didn't. then the charging LED blinks red for about one minute then it doesnt blink anymore. and the phone doesn't show any sign for charging and screen doesn't open

i'm using the original charger

any help please


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before it completely went off

what software or hardware issue its been giving

for how long then we can try narrowing down what might be wrong with it


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I have the same problem...I tried hard reset,recovery mode to delete cache and factory reset .

It turned on after many restarts but to slow and then turned off on its own.


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need to replace the battery. keep it on a charger. (18W or higher . I am considering buying an amazon

(Original Quality) 87W USB-C Power Adapter Replacement USB C AC Supply Charger Compatible with MacBook Pro Charger 15 Inch Laptop (USB-C Cable Included) for list 39.99 USD)

Get a new phone, download “files” google transfer app onto both phones and transfer everything. then sell the HTC phone for whatever someone will pay.

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