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2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Very strange display problem


I have a very weird display issue on my mbp a1226.

the logic board was replaced 3 months ago and the genius told me, that this is not a nvidia prob.

the external screen is working without any problems.

i already replaced the lcd data cable but still got the same issues.

if i move a program window on the mbp screen then i can see some bright area scaled from the bottom to the top with the broadness of the window.

and sometimes (twice a week) the display works normal for some minutes.

any suggestions?



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The screen backlight is going bad or the whole screen


the whole screen is going bad.

it's a fading into the dark, but you can see the shilouette of the windows, going from the bottom to the top (sligthly brigther area)

and sometimes, te panel works perfekt.


Without much info,it was very hard to isolate which was shot


what kind of info do you need?


I got what i needed,i was saying it was hard with pics and video only


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Well, all your tests lead to a bad LCD panel.

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= I missed the external monitor


don't you think, that i might be a loose cable connetion because sometimes, the display is working w/o problems.

the whole lcd would be worse.


Could be an problem in the panel video board. I checked your video and I don't think it can be a LVDS cable issue but hard to say without testing with known working spare parts.


what and where is the panel video board?

i ordered a working inverter board. it should arrive this week.

i'll write a status here, when i replaced it.



It's the electronic assy located in the LCD display. That is not a part that can be replaced.


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This sounds exactly like the Nvidia issue. Tell us about this logic board replacement.

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Please recheck your external display.


external display is working perfektly.

and the apple-nvidia test didn't find any errors.


OK, thanks for checking.


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Hello, I will agree with the others here. You either have a display going bad or the LCD cable the connected to the logic board is faulty (it could be at either end of that cable). Also check the connections (wires) on that enverter board as well.


Hi, in going with the assumption that the logic board you had replaced was supplied by a reputable supplier (with some type of a warranty on it)it will safe to say that you internal monitor is "on-the-fritz." A replacement screen should completely resolve your issue, just make sure that you get one that is compatable with your model.

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i already replaced the lvds cable. it was a used one, but i got the same result like with the old one. the connections and wires are fine, as far as i can diagnose that.

so it might be the panel.


i bought a complete mbp Display unit at eBay for 65€. Hope that this will solve the Problem. it should arrive next week. I let you know, if that worked out.

thanks everybody for your help.


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