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The HP 15 laptop can be identified by the model number R263DX.

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My laptop screen won’t display anything it’s blank

My laptop starts up smoothly there are no bleeping sounds but the caps lock LED light keeps flashing? Any suggestions on what’s wrong or how i can fix this? Please help!

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Try rebooting your system using function + F5 if nothing happens.

Remove battery and then switch on the laptop using charger connected without battery.

Switch off laptop remove battery disconnect power cable and press power button and hold for 50 seconds and then restart the system and check

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Hi this is Nolan, I had the same problem and it’s actually quite simple to fix. I need to know how many times your caps locked led is blinking. If it is three times then you do not have enough RAM (system memory) installed. The laptop needs at least 4 gb of RAM to run properly.

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