Why is my Nexus 5x intermittently losing signal?


My partner and I bought a Nexus 5x each at the same time a little under a year ago. My phone signal is dropping out where I have previously had no issues with connection. It seems to be irrelevant to geographical location (although indoor signal is poorer than outdoor), and is inconsistent even in the same location. To troubleshoot, we have tried:

  • Swapping phones/SIM cards; in his working phone both SIMs had signal, and in my phone had weak signal (both SIM cards use the same network provider) - the fault stayed with the phone
  • Factory reset

The reason I am am uncertain it is a simple hardware issue is that the signal can be full if in a different geographical region (but again, inconsistent), and in my home where I previously had 4G and full signal, I now consistently get no signal to half bars.

What is likely to be the cause of this issue?


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