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Also known as a multitester, or a VOM (Volt-Ohm meter), a multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument used to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Includes handheld and tabletop testing devices.

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Multie Meter Not Doing Continuity


My Digitech Multie Meter douse not do continuity.

I first noticed this when I went to use it this morning.

All I hear is just a long beep

Here is a photo

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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What happens when you try to unplug both probes? Does it still have the same issue?

If this is the case it’s probably the issue with the multimeter board and buying another one will be the better option as it’s not worth spending time and money on trying to get that one fixed.

I recommend Fluke meters as they are rugged, reliable and accurate.

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Thankyou I think I will buy a new one as you suggested


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