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Device repair and information for the Dell Alienware 15 R3, a gaming laptop in the Alienware series.

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Why does my screen keep having a pink static sliding up?

At random my screen will have this pink static start from the bottom and slide up to the top of my screen. Once it gets to the top my screen goes black for not even a second then my computer is just fine. It's like nothing had happened. I have also noticed that my battery is running out quickly and that the static did not show up until my battery was having problems. I know they are connected somehow. Is there a way to fix this without spending a lot of money? I can not afford to right now.

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Hi @karazorel ,

Try running the laptop on the charger and see if the problem occurs.

Connect an external monitor to the laptop and see if the problem occurs on it as well, either with the charger connected or when on battery power only.


Okay thank you. ^_^


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The video cable should be reseated if you are comfortable doing this. The cable might be a tad loose and causing a bad connection.

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