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The HMDX Jam Plus is a portable Bluetooth speaker. This speaker can be used by itself or paired with another Jam Plus for stereo audio.

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Speaker will no longer pair with galexy J7

My speaker has been great, always pairs, sound quality is amazing. All of a sudden it will not pair with my phone, galexy J7, I've reset my phone by taking the battery out, I've tried resetting my speaker, when I try and reset it, it just powers off no blinking lights, and it still will not pair. Please help me if you have experienced this.

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Make sure it is removed as a paired device in the bluetooth device list on your J7, then try to re-pair it. Turn the device (speaker) on and wait 15 seconds and make sure there is flashing light(s) on the front. Then open bluethooth on your phone and search for it. Tap pair.

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