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The HP 15 laptop can be identified by the model number R263DX.

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How do I boot from a CD?

I put a CD with Ubuntu on it in my laptop, then turn off and turn on my laptop. As it stars up, I hit the "f" buttons, and it does not bring up the bios menu I was expecting in order to boot from the CD. I tried holding the function (fn) button and hitting f1, f2, all the way to f12. I tried hitting escape, and delete. Nothing keeps it from just starting up in Windows 8 like usual. What do I do to boot from the CD?

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With it having a UEFI Bios you will have to press the ESC key first to pause the boot, then you will get a list of boot options.

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Hi, happy to help. please boot system WithOut CD in drive. Then please explain screen boot of your machine\Pc from boot.... if your trying "F" key make sure you hold the correct key until,,menu loads.

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Ok, when I boot without CD in drive, it starts as a black screen with the hp logo in the center. Below that, a collection of small white dots travel in a circle in a way that says "thinking...", then the screen turns bluish purple, and in the center of the screen, it says "Please wait", and the same white dots run in a little circle. A moment later, my login screen appears. I enter the password, and it goes to windows. Holding escape, delete, or fn f2 does not alter this.


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