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The Sony Vaio PCG-61411L is a consumer laptop by Sony, released in 2010.

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Screen won't turn on (black screen)

Okay, let's start with what happened...

I was normally using my laptop for watching my favorite shows, when I accidentally dropped a samsung phone charger (about 1 ft high up) on it around the spacebar, and the screen flashed gray and white. I forcefully unplugged the laptop, and of course, the blinking stopped. I turned it on afterwards, now the screen is just black, but everything else seems to work just fine.

I think that the problem has to do with me hitting the spot where the video/graphics card is situated, but I'm not sure because I am a noob when it comes to this stuff.

I hope that this won't lead to me fully changing my laptop and buying a new one, because I am financially troubled. But, given the circumstances, I probably will.

Thank you for anyone who will answer!

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Do you get a picture when you connect it to an external source, like a tv or secondary display?

You might have been lucky and just dislodged the display-ribbon.

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Update: I can conclude that David's hypothesis is right. My father got home and I asked for help. He opened the laptop, resocketed everything, and all went back to normal. He told me that a ribbon did get dislodged. I'm such a worrywart ^^;;


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Most likely you have already purchases a new laptop by now. I can assure you the graphics card was dead and at this point the laptop is rendered useless. Sony Vaio laptops have terrible graphics cards and the first thing to go on these laptops are the intergrated graphic cards and when the screen goes black in most cases the laptop is garbage and you would nee6d to purchase a new one.

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charly evans for this particular laptop the solution was " He opened the laptop, resocketed everything, and all went back to normal. " So, in this case it was not .


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