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Information and repair instructions for GE Freezer

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GE freezer(bottom)works fine.fridge is warm

My GE freezer(bottom)works fine.fridge is warm-took all trays out,and inside at back is a panel.took 3screws out ,pulled panel off bottom is opening,and nice cold air!

Looked at panel.had to unplug has a little door that open and closes .this was shut solidxthus the fridge was not letting in cold air.

Wat do I do now?

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Lucky, the little door is a damper door to allow cold air from freezer in to fresh food section. It opens and closes, this is determined by the tempature sensor. When the sensor feels to warm it’ll send voltage to the damper to open. Then to close. You could have a failed sensor or a failed damper. The problem is the back panel. I believe the back panel is nothing more that an air vent with the damper desperate from the panel. Or is the damper part of the back panel? I couldn’t tell in the parts breakdown. The back panel is no longer available. I found no other damper on this model. The sensor is part #WR55X10025. It’s under $25 and worth a try. Cross your fingers and ope all you had wrong is the sensor. Good luck.

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Leave the door open and put it back together.

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Do u mean leave the baffle open and unplugged,because this will freeze fruit.


Please give me the model number


GE mod.gdsz05bsas5.the z mite b a 2


It is a 2. I thought I might be able to tell by looking at the part but I can't. Maybe @ladytech can help with this one. Here are the parts for your machine:


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