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The second generation of the Samsung Gear, a round smartwatch running Samsung's Tizen smartwatch OS. The Gear S2 was released in October 2015.

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Gear S2 Classic Replacement Bezel Rings

Hi, I have the Gear S2 Classic (SM-R372), and somehow the top of my bezel, just the bezel's cover ring, came off while it was in water. Is there anyway a replacement top ring is sold anywhere?

I've only been able to find the entire bezel assembly, which on mine still works, and I don't want to buy an entire new bezel just for the ring.

Thanks for the help!

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3 Antwoorden

Same problem here. Please let me know if you find this part. I bought one online and it was for gear s2. Too big

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If you still have this I would buy it I need it for the S2


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I called Samsung. They sell them for $90.00, which is more than the watch is worth now.

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Hi could you tell me where you found it I've been looking for one can't find it I don't need the ring I just need the bearings maybe we can buy it together and split it thank you

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