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The second generation of Scion's box-shaped hatchback.

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having battery and power steering problems

my 09 xB has the battery light on and hard to steer. hard to keep running and no voltage increase on terminals when rev engine above 2500rpm. is there a module for power steering? is it the main control unit for the car?

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@shovel86cu The steering is on an electric rack and you have insufficient voltage to operate . Your alternator is probably the problem . But that said it could also be a battery with a bad cell . To test and find out use a multi meter and get a reading on the battery . The battery should be in the 12.6V range when the motors not running and with the motor running it should be up to 13.6V but not beyond 14.5V. The battery could and likely will be less as its likely the alternator is not charging the battery . Put a battery charger on the car , charge up the battery then remove the charger and do the test. If the voltage stays the same and doesnt increase with the car running then the alternator is bad and needs to be replaced . if the battery doesnt take a charge it may have a bad cell and it will need to be replaced . Let use know if you have further questons . Hope this helps

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My battery started dying a couple of days ago after a long trip(forgot to turn off the lights after 1 hr.) Was able to jump start for a couple of days with the intent of making the new battery a weekend project. Close to home Friday night when leaving a gas station, I jump started as usual but the steering was very stiff. The steering wheel alarm dash light also came on. After reading several sites I was relieved to see the steering issue was related to the battery. It was disturbing to find out that there was an onboard computer in the dash called an ECM that could also fail. ECM replacement cost est $1100 to $1500 including labor. Bought a Costco battery today and changed it out. The car started up with no warnings and the steering worked just fine. Guess I dodged a bullet on that one. Thanks JimFixer for your post. When I lost my power steering, I thought that either my hydraulic ps pump went out or I lost fluid; didn't know Toyota went electric on this one.

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When my 2008 Scion XB hits a bump in the road the steering rattles. I was told there was an issue with the bushing or something in the steering column I believe that needs replacing. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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