My headsets microphone is having a problem please help

(The device I chose isnt the device) Hello I just have a problem the “turtle beach recon 60p” headset. The problem is the jack, I was sitting on a chair at the time with one of the legs on top where the 3.5 mm jack and the usb adapter connect. After I realised it then I stood up then I heard a loud crackling sound through my headsets when I was playing ps4. I panicked I thought I broke it but when I disconnected it from the adapter it wasnt bent and it looked completely fine the jack and the adapter, I checked the headset, the jack, the adapter, my ps4, almost everything, but when I replugged my jack back into the adapter then into the ps4, the audio was fine, But my microphone starting turning off and on without me actually turning it off and on. I do not know what is happening but sometimes its off and sometimes its on. Please what is wrong with my Headset? Or more specifically: what is wrong with my mic? And finally: How do I fix it without soldering or doing anything that could potentially break it? Please, and thank you.

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