Sad addition for zenbook ux410


I have a zenbook ux305 which my mother-in-law has drowned with a glass of water.

I am planning to replace with a ux410.

2 questions please:

(1) can the memory & ssd from the ux305 be taken out & added to the 410? I think the memory may be fixed to the,motherboard but I think the ssd is removable. I believe the 410 has a 2nd hard drive slot - is the ssd from the 305 compatible? Note I want to use a 2nd drive, not replace the one already there.

(2) does anyone know if it's advisable to use components from a water damaged computer in a new computer? Obviously I'll make sure the ssd & memory are completely dried out beforehand!

Many thanks.

Will F

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Ssd addition, not sad - annoying autocorrect: you can tell my laptop's died & am using a tablet!!


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