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A 5.0 inch smartphone from Alcatel released in September 2014.

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Is it possible to swap phone CPUs?

Crazy question, but I just got this Alcatel phone, and the processor is... Well, horrible.

I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which I loved, but has no service.

Could I move the processor from the Note 4 into this phone? I have the tools, and the experience in tech repair, but I don't know much on the hardware compatibility for mobile CPUs.

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I don't think it would be possible. Unlike a desktop PC, they are soldered right onto the boards, I don't possibly see how you could remove it and put in a different processor.

The Alcatel uses a Quallcomm which is a pretty standard brand, but the Samsung using a proprietary Samsung chip. I don't even know the dimensions, you'd have to be a pretty good electronics engineer to even try to solder it on, but it seems futile to me. It's most likely impossible.

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