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The Dell Latitude E7250 was released in 2015 by the Intel Corporation.

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Dell Latitude 7280! does it support PDpower delivery by USB Type-C?

Hello everyone.i have Laptop (Dell latitude 7280)it has USB Type-C port.

My question is does that port support PD ? i am talking about this model exactly..

Thanks in advance

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Writing just to correct the answer provided here.

We have dozens of Dell Latitude 7280 (exact model) in our company, they support power delivery.

Also the non thunderbolt version with core i5 they do.

Indeed the Dell WD15 docking station that comes with it (in our specific desk setup), allows to run all the operation with a single USB C w/ displayport cable. That's the only thing that runs from the computer, it both powers the computer, provides video output to the dell display through displayport cable of the docking station, and connects any other docked peripheral.

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can you share some pics, mate?


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I have the Latitude 7280 and a USB-C power bank with PD from RavPower. It powers and charges the laptop via the USB-C cable included with the RavPower USB-C PD Power Bank.

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