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How can I make my phone ring longer for incoming calls.


How can I increase the number of times my mobile phone rings

for an incoming call. Only rings 3 times and I am an elderly lady and

cannot get there in time.

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Hi @bettejoy ,

Go to your mobile phone service provider’s website and look for how to change the ring time.

Alternatively just search online for how to change the ring time (insert service provider’s name)

Each service provider has a different code number (or other options such as you can alter it in your phone account manager page or contact them directly etc), that you can enter from your phone to extend the ring time. Usually it is in 5 second increments up to 30 seconds, but it may vary between providers.

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Thank you for your help, I will follow this through.


To: Jayeff: Thanks so much, all fixed and will ring for 30scds.

Betty Thompson.


Hi @bettejoy ,

You're welcome.

Glad that you got it fixed OK.



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