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An all-in-one inkjet printer, scanner, copier series by HP. Model number CX042A.

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Printer stopped printing black

When i print from pc it prints all other colors but no black

When i print print quality page it prints all text and lines but not that box where should be black

Block Image

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I manually cleaned the print heads and it didn't help at all

I don't want to do this anymore. I'll just buy a new printer

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That looks interesting since the text and the lines of the boxes are being printed. But maybe that is not real black but some mixing. No idea. However, yellow looks to have problems too. I suggest first to check the catridges, if ink is remaining and replace if needed. Start the head cleaning in your software. Sometimes it takes several times to see progress of the cleaning.

To recheck my answer, I made a search on google and found exactly this answer in a HP Forum.

The text and the boxes itself are really printed with a mix of all colors (for the black is not working, so you can read something). Try head cleaning a few times and you should get a result.

Here the Link to the HP Forum Post (unfortunately in german):

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After taking that picture i cleaned the print heads and the yellow color started working well but black still has issues


I do not own a HP printer, but should have something like "further cleaning steps" in the software. After the basic cleaning they suggest to continue with some kind of next level cleaning when its not the desired result.


I did the next level cleaning and still not working :(


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